Cobnuts Steiner Kindergarten has been established since 2005, the initial impulse was an enthusiastic group of parents.  We have sole use of the ground floor of a house and a large garden surrounded by mature trees, which we use daily.

Steiner Kindergartens structure their day around rhythm, repetition, imitation, care of the senses and free movement.

Cobnuts is a child's haven where they can interact and socialise with their peers in a secure, calm environment.  Here creativity can unfold within their play and work.

Numbers and age groups:

Our kindergarten consists of one group of up to 15 children of mixed ages. Children aged 2 and a half years old can start the Kindergarten and can continue in this setting until 6 years old.

Please get in touch if you are interested in this setting for your child. The contact details are on the home page.

Kindergarten sessions (3 3/4 hours) - Monday to Thursday 9.15 to 13.00

Places for children aged 3 - 4 are subsidised by the local authority

The Kindergarten

Coronavirus Update  September 2020

Cobnuts Kindergarten is opening again after the summer holidays. 

The new term will be starting on Monday 7th September. 

The Cobnuts Committee have discussed the opening of the kindergarten, in detail and would like to inform parents that we are taking every necessary measure, in line with the current government guidance, to provide a safe environment for children attending this setting.